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The need to simplify communications for firstline workers.

Stephanie Donahue is both a Microsoft MVP and RD who has a focus on helping organizations leverage their investment in SharePoint to create and maximize ROI. She believes that setting a strategic path using an innovative road map and consistent methodology is the key to a successful implementation. Stephanie is an active blogger and event speaker with over 17 years in the I.T. industry and over 8 years of experience with SharePoint.

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How to land a job that hasn’t been created yet.

Christopher Bishop is a nonlinear, multimodal careerist who has had eight so far, including rock musician, jingle producer and web site project manager. Chris also spent 15 years at IBM in a variety of roles including business strategy consultant and communications executive driving social media adoption and the use of virtual worlds for training and events.

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Loving your work, and stories of triumph, during a pandemic.

Steve Clayton is Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller and General Manager of Microsoft’s Innovation, Culture and Stories team. The team is responsible for the company’s storytelling with a focus on employees, media, customers, partners and candidates. Steve and his team have a history of innovation in storytelling to bring the company’s mission to life for these audiences.

Steve was the architect of the acclaimed “88 Acres” story that heralded a new direction for Microsoft’s corporate storytelling and led to the creation of His team creates a wide variety of content including keynote demos for Satya Nadella, Microsoft Life, the company intranet, social channels and wide range of storytelling that has helped transform the culture of Microsoft.

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Personal re-invention in times of crisis. With Brand Factory CEO, Doc Williams.

Doc Williams got his start in digital marketing over 10 years ago and has worked in a wide array of companies along the way. From ESPN and the USA Olympic Medical Team to AppSumo and VaynerMedia. He also changed job types too, from being a teacher at community college to a CTO and CIO in three different startups. But he kept coming back to the real problem he wanted to solve. He wanted to develop a solution to help people learn skills more effectively to help them build their dream business.

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Under the hood of a global supply chain.

Have you been giving your credit card a bit of a work out with onlie shopping sprees during Covid? Did you ever stop and think about the complex distribution network that supports your online habit? I must admit that I didn’t, until I met Ahmed Javed, the Head of Marketing & Communications for EFL, a global supply chain company.

While many global businesses have been reducing operations during Covid, companies such as EFL may have never been busier. EFL may not be a household name (yet), but chances are they have distributed something to your home in the past. They have 60 offices in 25 countries and have been operating for 37 years!

The EFL story is one of complexity made simple by innovation, and it delivers a fascinating insight into an industry that many take for granted.

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Taking a creative view of a crisis: Leveraging the Creator Mindset.

Nir Bashan is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has taught thousands of leaders and individuals around the globe how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales, improve customer service and ultimately create more meaning in their work.
He has worked on numerous albums, movies, and advertisements with famous actors and musicians ranging from Rod Stewart to Woody Harrelson. His work on creativity has won a Clio Award and was nominated for an Emmy.
Nir is the founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset LLC, a company that conducts workshops, consulting, coaching, and keynote speeches at conferences and corporate events. His clients include AT&T, Microsoft, Ace Hardware, NFL Network, EA Sports, Suzuki, Activision and jetBlue

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What to do when everyone looks to you for answers during a crisis

Grant Chisnall is a Crisis Trainer, Advisor and Podcaster who has a passion for leadership, communication and decision-making. He has supported some of the world’s leading organisations through crisis events ranging from cyber attacks to coronavirus; activism to aircrashes; and from Natural disasters to workplace fatalities.

His Podcast, Crisis Talks tells the extraordinary stories of people who have led through crises and their stories of leadership and resilience in the face of adversity. Grant’s aim is to help leaders prepare for the worst-case scenarios and respond proactively and with confidence to any incidents that threaten their people, operations or reputation.

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Re-imagining a global sporting spectacular during a pandemic.

Craig Tiley was appointed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Tennis Australia in October 2013 and maintained his position as the Australian Open Tournament Director. Prior to this appointment, Craig was Tennis Australia’s Director of Tennis and the Tournament Director of the Australian Open, a position he has held since 2006.

As CEO Craig is responsible for all aspects of the sport of tennis in Australia. Craig manages a team of over 300 staff during the year, with a temporary staff of over 4,500 during the Australian Open.

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Insights from a Crisis Communicator

Philippe Borremans is an independent Public Relations consultant specializing in Crisis and Risk Communications. He is one of the founders of Reputation & Co., a network of senior communications consultants active in Europe and Northern Africa.
Philippe has held high level international communications roles in companies such as IBM, Porter Novelli and the Van Marcke Trading Group. He is also a regular guest lecturer at the International University of Casablanca, the ISCAE Business School and several universities in Morocco, France, Belgium and Italy.

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Startups, sell your story if you want to sell your business.

Chris Adams is an expat American living in Australia and is the founder of the Orbit Media Group. He has worked with companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Comcast. He’s a keynote speaker at technology and entrepreneurial conferences, and a children’s book author.

Chris has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Mass Communication and a master’s of Fine Arts in Professional Writing. He combines his love of the written word with his passion for startups by assisting them with the art of corporate storytelling.

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Devastation, deep-thought & self-love: a mindfulness journey

Nina is the Founder of Pure Minds and the co-author of the bestselling book Let That Sh*t Go – a book about how to find peace of mind and happiness in the everyday.
Nina has been studying mindfulness for over 20 years and practicing meditation for over a decade. Wanting to take her search for mindfulness more seriously, in 2010, she put her career on hold and moved to Northern California. There she took a 1-year course in meditation & classical spiritual philosophy through the Chinmaya Vedanta Center. During that year, she lived in an ashram in the Redwood forest and completely ‘unplugged’.
She now follows her passion and teaches mindfulness and meditation across various platforms. Coming from a corporate background, she is especially passionate about bringing mindfulness to the workplace, to help companies and employees become their best selves

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Story telling is not just for kids!

Steve Clayton is Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller and General Manager of Microsoft’s Innovation, Culture and Stories team. The team is responsible for the company’s storytelling with a focus on employees, media, customers, partners and candidates. Steve and his team have a history of innovation in storytelling to bring the company’s mission to life for these audiences.

Steve was the architect of the acclaimed “88 Acres” story that heralded a new direction for Microsoft’s corporate storytelling and led to the creation of His team creates a wide variety of content including keynote demos for Satya Nadella, Microsoft Life, the company intranet, social channels and wide range of storytelling that has helped transform the culture of Microsoft.

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The need to humanize technology.

Sean Ferrel is the founder of Managed Solution, a award winning IT Services Consultancy from San Diego. He describes himself as “Subject Matter Expert on opinions”, and backs that claim up with 20 years experience in the Tech World. One of his passions is the science behind humanizing technology.

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It’s Movember…let’s get serious, Mental Health in the workplace is a major concern.

Mental Health is one of those such issues, and it is having a real effect on the workplaces of today. Global statistics detailing the people affected by mental health issues are confronting. We must do more as a society to address the problem.

The Movember Foundation has been raising awareness for men’s health issues since 2008. Almost two decades later, and what began with 30 mates growing moustaches to raise funds, now boasts 5 million supporters Mo’ Bros and Mo’ Sistas. Recently, Movember has increased it’s focus on raising awareness of mental health issues.

On this episode, Movemeber Co-Founder Travis Garone discusses the the success of their movement and how we as a society are tackling mental health issues.

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New-world networking…lessons from LinkedIn.

Sally Illingworth, is one of the new wave of influences with a network of 50,000 LinkedIn followers. She is an experienced Content Marketing Strategist who is an engaging presenter.

Sally is also passionate about diversity in the workplace. #brainsoverbreasts is her online campaign that recognises women for their intellect, not their inherent female body features.

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The “Four Birds” of Change Management

Debbie Ireland is the Managing Director of ShareThePoint Ltd, a New Zealand company that specialises in Office 365 and SharePoint training. Debbie’s involvement in the tech industry doesn’t stop there, she also manages the Annual Digital Workplace Conference in Australia and New Zealand.

Other than running her business and organising conferences, Debbie is all about people…understanding what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them alongside the amazing technology we use in our daily lives. I thought I would borrow upon her expertise to discuss something that has been mentioned quite frequently in some of my interviews lately…Change Management.

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Battling Fear and Toxicity in the workplace

Heather Newman is a woman of many talents. Not only is she an established podcaster, host of the Mavens Do It Better podcast, but she is also a Microsoft MVP, CMO at Content Panda and CEO of marketing consulting firm, Creative Maven. Add to those responsibilities that she is also a highly sought after public speaker, and its fair to say that I was truly grateful to be able to grab some of her time recently!

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I can and I will…a Women in Tech success story

On this episode I speak with Lee-Ann Dias, a Partner Solutions Professional at Microsoft, who is thumbing her nose at the statistics. Lee-Ann’s has worked in areas from Customer Success to Technical and Business Development.
Lee-Ann is poster child for the The Woman in Tech movement. Her career began off the back of a university degree in computer science and has continued to soar.

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Tips for the C-Suite on Digital Transformation

Saul Sabath is the Managing Director of Velrada, a global business advisory and digital transformation consultancy that have worked with leading companies such as BHP, Mitsubishi and Treasury Wine Estates. They are also a Triple Crown Microsoft partner and won 2018’s Microsoft Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Saul has over 20 years experience in a number of leading edge IT consultancies, working with clients in financial services, higher education, manufacturing, and community care, helping those organizations to improve and accelerate their business in the digital age. He is well versed in many business disciplines.

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Chasing the dream of a truly diverse workplace

I invited the President of the Women In Tech Network, Christine Bongard, on to the podcast to help me explore the topic of diversity in the workplace. The WIT network is a community of professional men and women who encourage and assist women and girls to pursue careers in the technology sector, enable women to attain leadership positions and advance their career and support female entrepreneurs.

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Gold Medal Winning Teams

In this episode I speak with Ash De Zylva, a Customer Success Manager for Microsoft who is very passionate about the human element of the Intelligent Workplace. In fact, his passion for helping his customers recently saw him be awarded a Microsoft Gold Club award. The Gold Club award recognizes the extraordinary performance of individuals who transform and contribute to the overall success and growth of Microsoft. A great reward for all of his hard work.

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Transhumanism…the future, or just science fiction?

Alyse Sue is at the forefront of a new wave of young and energetic tech influencers who are dreaming big in a fast moving tech world that is only too happy to support their dreams and ideas. Alyse has a rich and varied skill set that she’s assembled from her experiences as a software developer, a freelance tech writer and an entrepreneur. Once a founding member of KPMGs Innovate Team, Alyse has co-founded three ventures since including a genomic data machine learning startup and her latest venture, Transhumanism Australia.

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Should we really care about a Bot’s feelings? An exploration of Artificial Intelligence ethics.

Priya Gore is a Global Black Belt and Director of AI & Advanced Analytics for Microsoft Americas. She is an experienced Tech executive and has worked in a number of high level positions across the industry, Priya now enjoys helping clients solve their toughest and most challenging business problem. She champions diversity in the workplace, supports the Women In Technology movement and was a founder in the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners in New England.
Aside from all of her amazing work she does in the industry, she is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Artificial Intelligence specifically the ethics of implementing AI solutions.

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Looking at data differently

Sam Conway is the CEO of Zegami, a visual search and analytics solution. Zegami transforms visual data into information by combining media, data and AI. It simplifies an organizations interaction with large data sets.

By exploring visual representations of their data, users can uncover valuable insights. They can explore things like employee information, sporting statistics, and even non-traditional data sources like Instagram feeds. Zegami identifies outliers, biases, patterns and correlations within data sets.

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From inquisitive to intelligent

From a very early age, Dean Corcoran was inquisitive about everything! It started in his backyard as a youngster, where he would explore the natural wonders he found under rocks, up trees and in the dirt. Fast forward into his adult life and that sense of wonder hasn’t disappeared, but now he’s in a new backyard. And that backyard is the fast paced world of Microsoft.
Dean is a Data and AI Solutions Strategist for Microsoft Australia. He works with businesses to integrate the latest technologies that drive workplace improvement. Technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Dean believes that tech must symbiotically be part of the world we work, live and play in to be beneficial. This idea is something that rings true with the Intelligent Workplace concept.

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The Unintelligent Organisation

I am taking a different approach to this episode, looking at the concept of the Intelligent Workplace from another angle. In this episode, my guest Matt Moore introduces the topic of the Unintelligent Organisation. I know that sounds a little different to the direction of the previous episodes, but trust me on this one.

Matt, a lecturer at the University of Technology, has over 20 years experience working in diverse roles such as Knowledge Management, IT Design and Strategy and Collaboration Management. Matt prides himself on bringing people together in new ways to create new ideas, new products and new experiences…enabling smart people to achieve their potential.

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Don’t forget the Digital Employee Experience

Cameron Smith from the highly regarded Australian ICT Services provider, SXIQ, joins Chris’ podcast. His experience is broad, financial services, Insurance, Construction and Communications, and his understanding of the world of technology is top notch, with many years’ experience in enterprise architecture, application development and digital transformation supporting and organisational strategy.

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Technology layers in the Intelligent Workplace

James Dellow describes himself as a human-centered designer and technology strategist. The attributes make him the perfect guest for this new podcast series.
This series is all about exploring the many possibilities the Intelligent Workplace presents. Where can we go with it, how do we get there and what technologies will we pick up for the ride along the way. In this episode, James focuses on the human element of the Intelligent Workplace.

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About The Intelligent Workplace podcast

Join Chris Lukianenko on his journey of discovery in The Intelligent Workplace podcast. We spend a third of our lives at “work” using technology to perform our roles. The impact of technology in the workplace is far greater than just being productive and performing our tasks. Technology has a direct impact on revenue, creativity, collaboration, wellbeing and job satisfaction. An Intelligent Workplace considers the impact that technology choices will have on people, customers and revenue. In this series, Chris speaks with industry experts and explores the new ideas and technologies that are shaping the modern workplace, and how it will transform our working lives.

Who benefits most from a remote workforce?

When COVID-19 hit, businesses around the globe implemented remote working strategies, and the work from home revolution began. With restrictions being lifted in some parts of the world, businesses are faced with the decision of either continuing to embrace remote working, or send everyone back into the office.
Over the last few decades, working models and the office environment have significantly changed. We have gone from working in cubicles, to open plan, to embracing a sense of fun with a focus on work life balance, and now thanks to technology, many of us can work from anywhere.
Joining me in this conversation about the changing landscape of the office environment is Dave Hassett, managing director of the Hassett group, a leading Australian boutique executive search and recruitment firm.

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Where to from here? Taking a positive approach to business in the new world.

Getting the chance to interview my CEO, Karl Redenbach, has been something that has been on my wish list for a while. When Karl enters a room, or jumps onto a meeting, all eyes and ears are on
With the world starting to awaken from a Covid-imposed slumber, many businesses are making plans for “business unusual”, as Karl refers to it. Karl discusses some of the major challenges businesses will face post-covid and his excitement for what is to come. Ever the optimist, Karl shares his enthusiasm for the remote working revolution. He believes LiveTiles is well placed to support remote workers now and into the future.

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Remote working the right way: best practices.

Communicating with a remote workforce has its challenges, but what if remote working is here to stay? Have you set your remote workforce up for success?

On this episode Ryan Thomas, CEO of Timlin Enterprises, offers advice on how to set up your remote workforce. Ryan has been operating a remote workforce for many years and has also helped many clients to set up their own.

In this episode, he shares strategies for working together, when you are apart. How avoiding meetings for meetings’ sake will make you more productive. Why understanding and respecting new work patterns is so important, and how you should prioritise fun for the sake of your mental health.

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Time to check in on your employees well-being.

As a result of Covid-19, companies the world over have adopted remote working models for their employees. Anecdotally, results have been mixed. Some employees love the flexibility, others crave human interaction. Companies are being forced to “let go” some of their controls with he new model. But, some are reporting that employee productivity levels remain high, and in some cases have even increased.

How are your employees faring? When was the last time you checked in on them?

We are hearing rumblings of a wave of mental health issues that may cause greater harm than the pandemic itself, but time will tell. In this episode, mindfulness expert, Nina Purewal and founder of the LiveSmiles movement, Peter Nguyen-Brown join me. We discuss the potential mental health issues that are on the horizon, what we can do to support employees through them, and what part technology has to play in the solution.

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Chasing Microsoft Teams Nirvana

Since Covid-19 struck the globe, Microsoft Team has gone from strength to strength, and at the time of this recording was sitting somewhere near 75 million daily users. Many of those users are fairly new to the platform and are busily discovering what it has to offer, which is why I invited Microsoft Product Marketing Manager, Jas Basra on to the podcast to talk about it.

Many of these new users, as well as those who have been using it for a while, are using it mostly for communicating via chat, video and voice calls and hosting meetings. But, there is a lot more to it than just that, and companies such as LiveTiles are working with Microsoft to augment it further to make our working lives easier.

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Keeping Education moving in the new world

Working from home is our new normal. And if you’ve got children, you’re probably also struggling with the world of homeschooling.

Teachers are scrambling to understand the new technology they need to deliver lessons, and parents are trying to juggle supervising their children’s learning in between business video calls and Teams chats.

So how are educators modifying their teaching methods to cater for the new normal? What challenges are they facing, now and into the future? How is technology shaping this new world?

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Building a Global Marketing Team during a crisis

Building high performing teams is a difficult task, even more so when you are required to do it when the world is in the grips of a global pandemic that is changing everything we know about the business world.
On this episode, Nick Rameka, Chief Marketing Officer for LiveTiles shares his story of how his newly formed Global Marketing team was flipped on its head due to Covid-19 and how it had to establish a new way of working, find a common purpose, get to work and deliver a mountain of work during one of the most critical time periods in LiveTiles short history.

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Microsoft Teams – Beyond The Meeting

On this episode, I talk with James Dellow, a human centered designer and digital workplace strategist. James is passionate about the concept of effective distributed teams, and he shares his insights on what it takes to set them up.

Microsoft Teams is a major player in this space and James shares his insights on why it is a big part of his strategy. He shares his thoughts on how businesses can go further with this software, outside of facilitating meetings.

This is a practical discussion the covers the setup and operation of effective distributed teams, and then how to fine tune them to make them work for you.

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Corporate Communications in Times of Disruption

On this episode, I am joined by LiveTiles Head of Global Communications, Paul Conneally. Paul brings 20+ years of crisis communications experience to the discussion. Paul shares examples of how companies are dealing with Corporate Comms during times of disruption. He also reminds us of the importance of the employees experience for remote work forces.

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Communication and Employee Engagement Solutions for Disrupted Teams

On this episode, I am joined by LiveTiles Chief Product Officer, Simon Tyrrell. Simon is a bit of a renaissance man in the industry, he has a unique skill to be able to get to the core of a problem, and solve it. He enjoys pushing boundaries and trying new things, but also enjoys sharing real-world solutions. On this episode, he is firmly in solution-mode.

Simon shares examples of some of the tech solutions being used to help keep employees engaged and productive while working remotely.

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