The Intelligent Workplace

The Intelligent Workplace

Episode 39

Why it’s never been so important for entrepreneurs to back themselves, and their start-ups.

​Matt Allen
Tractor Ventures​​

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The world of start-ups is a high energy, yet big risk, and if you are lucky, big reward. The lifecycle of a start-up begins with identifying a problem that needs solving. From there, you develop a solution to that problem, and then you take your solution to market. Simple, right? Not quite. At some stage you need money to help you either develop or scale that idea, or bring in people to speed up the process. That’s where people like Matt Allen enter the picture.
Matt is a successful entrepreneur, having been part of the journey for start-ups such as Buildkite and Linktree. He has also been on the other side of the equation as a self proclaimed geek trying to get an idea off the ground.
Having co-founded investment firm Pick & Shovel, he was recently named CEO for new fintech venture, Tractor Ventures.
Matt has succeeded, failed, and learned, and he has a lot to share with you, the listener.
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